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Archives: Testimonials

Mr Terence Charles Scully

“I found the meeting very good. I am surprised that the meeting took longer than expected. You definitely brought to my attention several things that we have not considered before and found some things that we need to review in the near future. Thank you Carlos.”
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Mr Erwin Martin Malwah

“This meeting has been very interesting. It has opened my eyes. You know Carlos, you read about things, but you don’t understand it, especially when it comes to Will’s, Investments etc. The risk assessment that you took me through, I thought, was in-depth. Thank you, it has made me think a lot.”
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Mr & Mrs Sagar

“It has been very useful and eye opening and made us think about things we have not considered before and what we need to start thinking about. The process is very thorough.”
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Ms G Green

“It’s been very useful, made me think about things. I haven’t really thought through some of the taxes so it’s been very useful.”
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