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Earn a Scholarship from Expert Estate and Inheritance Planners

Financial Assistance for Students

Partake in this spectacular opportunity to save on student loans and tuition fees. We are offering you a scholarship that will help you through the grueling years of college.  

We are announcing this scholarship to give back to the world and deserving students.

    The Scholarship Program -

    We are one of the best estate planners in the UK and understand the importance of getting ahead financially at an early stage. 

    We are offering scholarships to 5 lucky students who can use the prize money to fund their education.


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    What is the Program

    Our scholarship program is not restricted to schools, universities, or countries. Anyone who is a student can apply and earn up to £1000. 

    The only criterion is that the school must be located within the USA, UK, Australia, or Canada. Grab this wonderful opportunity to start early on your savings and build a financial portfolio. Save on your massive tuition fees with our scholarship program.

    To win the scholarship, write an essay of 1200 words on the topic -

    What is the Program

    No Application Fees

    Application is free! Just submit your essay and your contact details in our form.

    No Difficult Criteria

    We just need a simple essay on the topic. There are no levels and no other hidden criteria.

    No Location Constraints

    You can submit your essay from anywhere provided your school/college is in the US, UK, and Australia.

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    Who can Apply for the Scholarship

    This scholarship is open to all students who are looking for funds to put themselves through school or college in the US, the UK, and Australia.

    Who can apply – 

    • Students who are already enrolled in school/college. 
    • Students who have been accepted to a school/college.

    Rules for enrolment –

    • One person can only apply once. 
    • All applications will be evaluated by us at our discretion.
    • The funds are for educational purposes only.

    How to Submit your Essay

    Winning a scholarship has never been so easy!

    Interested applicants only need to send us a well-structured essay of 1200 words on the topic of – How can you begin to save taxes early in your career.

    The process of applying for the scholarship – 

    • Simply send in your application
    • Submit your essay
    • Wait for the results to be announced

    Fill in your details in the form and attach your essay. Please note – 

    • Put your name and email address in the header of the document.
    • Only send the essay in Word/WordPad format NOT pdf format.
    • Essays that are plagiarized will be disqualified immediately. 
    • Ensure the essay is a minimum of 1200 words.
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    Deadline for Submission

    Please submit your entries by March 15, 2023. 

    We will review your applications and announce the results within 6 months. Stay tuned for the result. The name of the lucky winner will be displayed on our site!