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See what Tax is due by using this easy to follow Inheritance Tax (IHT) calculator.

Remove the inheritance tax guesswork!

There are two types of people in Inheritance Tax (IHT) Planning, those that take action and save tax and those that don’t.

We assume you are the first, and that’s why you are here!

But what action do you take? Firstly, you can see what tax is due by using this easy to follow IHT calculator.

Remove the inheritance tax guesswork!

Who we are

We are Inheritance Tax Specialists based in central London; with over 17 years of experience in the field of IHT planning, we will be able to guide you through all the legal ways you can reduce the amount of Tax due on your estate.

We can navigate you through the complex world of Tax-efficient vehicles and explain all the benefits of Trust Planning, as well as let you know some trade secrets and unique solutions that only experts use.

Remove the inheritance tax guesswork!

17 years of experience

Our IHT calculator

To begin, we should start to calculate how much IHT is due on your estate. Then if you wish, we can offer a free consultation tailored to your specific needs.

If you wish, jump straight into the IHT calculator below, or scroll down to here what some of our clients thought of the service.

Remove the inheritance tax guesswork!

Can You See Why So Many People Just Like You Are Removing The Inheritance Tax Guesswork?

Mr Christopher Argles -

“Meeting was interesting and useful.”

Mr & Mrs Pattinson -

“We have been with Thornton & Baines for 10 years and we are very happy with the service. They do sufficient planning that avoid capital losses, we are delighted that they have been very proactive, especially with the changes in the market. I…

Mr Mcconnell -

“I found the whole experience great.”
Mr Mutton

Mr Mutton -

“Experience has been as good as a face to face meeting. Very informative and helpful.”

Mr Aaron Kowalski -

“Nick was very helpful and made me feel very comfortable throughout our meeting.”

Mr Spong -

“Opened up interesting lines on how to make my savings work better for me and my beneficiaries. It has been worthwhile.”

Remove the inheritance tax guesswork!