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Category: Inheritance Tax

5 Ways To Pay Less Inheritance Tax in the UK

Inheritance Tax in the UK is paid within six months of inheriting property. This tax is levied on the assets you leave behind for your heirs or beneficiaries.  Assets for inheritance tax are calculated after deducting debts and liabilities. You’ll be able to calculate ad reduce inheritance tax after careful estate planning.  Pay Less Inheritance […]
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How does Inheritance Tax in the UK work?

IHT is a FOURTY PERCENT tax on the estate of someone who has passed, ridiculous right? Just imagine all of that extra hard earned money going to the tax man rather than your own bloodline. With that, you could have an Afternoon tea daily at the Ritz, I mean who wouldn’t enjoy a fine dining […]
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5 ways to pay less inheritance tax

The day has come, you are finally retired and awaiting your first state pension payment (which has been already pushed back), ready to see what your golden years have in store. Of course there is another thought that might also cross your mind and that might be: ’Will my children and grand children fully benefit […]
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Cryptocurrency and Inheritance Tax

Despite the value of Bitcoin plummeting in 2018, more and more people are deciding to invest in cryptocurrencies. As a result, there is now more guidance on how to hold and manage these investments, as well as how to incorporate them into inheritance tax planning for your estate. However, it is important to note that […]
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How is Inheritance Tax Calculated?

What is Inheritance Tax? Inheritance Tax is a tax on the estate of someone who has recently passed away. Everyone has a tax-free threshold of £325,000, and there is a tax of 40% on anything over this. Married couples and civil partners are allowed to pass on their assets to their partners tax-free. Their surviving […]
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