Remove the inheritance tax guesswork!

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Remove the inheritance tax guesswork!

There are two types of people in Inheritance Tax (IHT) Planning, those that take action and save tax and those that don’t.

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Remove the inheritance tax guesswork!

Who we are

We are Inheritance Tax Specialists based in central London; with over 17 years of experience in the field of IHT planning, we will be able to guide you through all the legal ways you can reduce the amount of Tax due on your estate.

We can navigate you through the complex world of Tax-efficient vehicles and explain all the benefits of Trust Planning, as well as let you know some trade secrets and unique solutions that only experts use.

Remove the inheritance tax guesswork!

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Mrs Mimi Oudjida

Mrs Mimi Oudjida -

“I found the meeting very informative and it was very thorough. It was good to discuss all of my circumstances and every point was covered.”

Mr Courtney Hope -

“Shane was very informative, he done a really good job. Just waiting to get this done and dusted. Just want to get our affairs in order so I can make the best outcome for my son.”

Ms Van Beesten -

“I think its been a very human interface as the world of finance can be difficult. I am dealing with someone who deals with me, how I am feeling and what I want rather than a flashy salesman. I am really grateful.”

Mr Jagtar Singh Kundhi -

“Very good, very friendly, very professional.”

Mr Peter Crymble -

“This meeting was very informative, I have been very impressed with you Tobias, I like the way you conduct yourself and the way you explain things, don’t discount anything you have put on the table to me today.”

Mr Shiraz Ramjee -

“Very professional service, enjoyed making a lot of notes on subjects discussed and found it very useful.”

Remove the inheritance tax guesswork!