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How to avoid Inheritance Tax

Mary had lived in Bristol for most of her life, with a well-paying job and a house worth £1.3 million. She was aware of Inheritance Tax, but she had never thought about taking steps to plan what happens to her estate after she dies. However, she faced a high IHT bill, largely due to the […]
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Inheritance Tax Rules: Home and Properties

Thinking about what happens to your estate once you’ve passed away can be a daunting and overwhelming prospect. The rules of inheritance tax can be confusing if you aren’t aware of the finer details. This guide provides a breakdown of the key things you need to know, and our advisors at Thornton and Baines are […]
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Inheritance Tax threshold

The easiest way to minimise the amount of inheritance tax you pay is to keep your estate below the inheritance tax threshold. If you have any questions regarding your estate and whether it falls above or below the threshold, one of our advisers will be happy to talk you through your personal situation over a […]
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IHT205 Probate form

What is an IHT205 Probate Form? This form is part of the formal probate process of organising the deceased’s estate. It is used if the estate counts as an ‘excepted estate’ and if the person who has died was a permanent resident of England, Wales, or Northern Ireland. It is not applicable to someone who […]
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