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Ms. Yacobi

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Ms. Yacobi

I have know Raghav Sharma for the past 3 years and known him to be someone who is very straight about whatever he undertakes. He is never tired of and always makes himself available to answer questions time and time again, sometimes even the same questions. He is courteous, welcoming and respectable. He takes a real interest in you as a person which make communication easy with him as would have already established a relationship with you from the start. He is very knowledgeable about many subjects and will answer what he knows and will contact his colleagues on your behalf for anything he does not know and get back to you especially with anything with regard to legislative matters. He always has others best interest at heart and will be supportive for you to get the best possible outcome. I would very highly recommend Raghav Sharma to anyone who is looking for services he has to offer.