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Mr and Mrs Fitton

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Mr and Mrs Fitton

We first had contact with Thornton and Baines at a holiday travel show a few years ago where they had a stand to put people in touch with financial management, particularly in the area of pensions related to investment and inheritance. We understood that a lot of their business was with retired people.

Daniel Candy represented the company and, obviously made such a good impression, that we attended a follow up meeting with him in their London office. As a result of that meeting, and a lot of consideration about what was offered (and the costs involved) we decided to go ahead in allowing them to manage some of our investments.

We have not, to date, regretted that decision and have since increased the amount of investment with them.

Our regular review meeting with Daniel has now been replaced (temporarily we hope) with an online Zoom meeting. This was satisfactory and he was able to answer our questions as he would have done ‘in the flesh’. It is our view that Zoom is not as good as a real meeting but will suffice for the present.

We have always found that working with Daniel has been both useful and pleasant. He is also efficient in updating us regarding the current financial situation.